Evaluating The Disadvantages Of Onyx

Evaluating The Disadvantages Of Onyx

One of the limestones that crystallize at the intense heat and pressure of the earth’s depths is onyx, which has a crystalline structure. When the advantages and disadvantages of onyx are considered, it can be regarded as one of the most luxurious building stones. It becomes a stunning and valuable stone due to the mix of colors and unique patterns with large and backlit crystals. But in addition to its advantages and charming appearance, onyx has disadvantages that should be considered before selecting the stone.

Applications Of Onyx

Because of its unique look and transparent structure, onyx is frequently utilized in interior design and architecture. This stone is used inside the building as wall stone in the form of book-matched and four-matched slabs, floor stones, stair stones, or as stone artifacts and decorations such as sculptures, flower pots, candlesticks, or stone tables. The following article will review the disadvantages of onyx stone in more detail.

Disadvantages Of Onyx

1/ High Cost

Onyx is more expensive than other building stones because of its unique structure, the difficulty of extracting and processing it, and the scarcity of this stone in domestic factories.

2/ Low Abrasion Resistance

This stone is not appropriate for use as floor stones or in crowded areas because of its delicate and soft structure. Because it becomes opaque on the surface and scratches easily.

3/ High Stainability

Onyx becomes more stainable if moisture and dirt are not immediately removed from it. For instance, if substances like soda, vinegar, or lemon juice are left on the surface of the onyx kitchen countertop, stains will form, and that makes cleaning more challenging and time-consuming.

4/ Unsuitable For Outdoor

Outside, onyx changes color becomes opaque, and loses its sheen due to environmental elements including sunlight and acid rain. For this reason, using this stone outside is not suggested. 

5/ Size restriction

Onyx stones are frequently processed in slab form. Other forms, such as stone tiles, often need this stone to be cut from slabs, which raises the cost of this stone. In addition, compared to other stones, it will be more challenging to supply large amounts of these dimensions.


Considering the disadvantages associated with Onyx, its best application in general can be seen as the making of stone accessories and artifacts, including flower pots, dishes, and other decorative items. after that, one of the greatest and most popular ways to use this gorgeous stone is to put elegant slabs of onyx on interior walls.

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Publish on: June 30, 2024
Updated on: June 30, 2024
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