Nain Green Marble

A green stone (relatively jade green) from Nain city with a shiny surface can be used indoors on the floor, wall, and stairs, preferably as a supplement.

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Nain green marble is a stone with a light green background with scattered white veins and dark green. This stone is used in different building parts due to its special design and color and its beautiful veins. This product is one of the luxury stones whose slab sizes are also exported internationally, and many designers and architects use it in their projects.

Features Of Nain Green Marble

  • Durability and strength are the positive features of this product.
  • It has a stunning appearance due to its unique color and different streaks.
  • It Has a relatively low water absorption.
  • Nain marble is processed in different varieties and different sizes.

Applications Of Nain Green Marble

This green marble can be offered in 40 cm width and 40 by 40 sizes.

  • Interior of the building ( floor and wall stone)
  • Interior facade stone
  • Paving office, commercial, hotel lobbies, and luxury buildings
  • Kitchen and bathroom paving
  • Decorative

Nain Green Stone Quarry

Nain Green Marble quarry is located in Nain city ​​of Isfahan province.

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40 cm width

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wall, flooring, stairs


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