Chalipa Fountain

Chalipa fountain, which has a quadrilateral shape, is one of the most popular fountains and is very suitable for indoor spaces, terraces, and patios due to its compactness. The water has a soothing sound that provides you with the right amount of water to keep the fish.

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Chalipa Fountain as shown in its picture is square in shape and of the type of fountains that can be located in the center of the patio, lobby, courtyard, balcony, and indoors and outdoors. The stone used in the chalipa fountain is Simkan marble. This product has t The material used in the crucifix is Simkan marble. This product has two nested pools where water flows from the sphere to the upper pond and then overflows to the lower pond. The lighting of this product is specific and attractive. If you are looking for an element for beautifying and landscaping your tower, building, house, garden, and villa, we recommend this product to you. 

Features Of Chalipa Fountain

  • This fountain consists of two pools, the dimension of the lower pool is 80 by 80 cm, and the upper pool is 60 by 60 cm.
  • The height of the pond of this product is 40 cm, which provides you with a suitable volume of water to keep the fish.
  • At your request, this product can be made in other sizes, dimensions, and colors.
  • Lighting and pumping can be controlled remotely.
  • The glossy and polished sub of this fountain makes it more visible.
  • Beautiful lighting in the pools will create a beautiful vision at night.
  • Due to the low height, this fountain is in the category of  fountain with a gentle sound of water.


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opacity Color

light cream, white

height Height

40 cm

square_foot Pool Dimension


view_carousel Stone Family


check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


style Style

combined, modern, simple

2 reviews for Chalipa Fountain
  1. sarem

    is there any video of this fountain on your website?

    • سنگ وزین

      not now. but it would be available soon.

  2. billie

    Is this fountain available in other colors?

    • سنگ وزین

      Yes. You can choose colors from travertine stones.

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