Guaranty of VazinStone Fountain

All fountains produced by VazinStone have an 18-month or one-year and 6-month guarantee for the fountain structure, which starts from the moment of delivery and installation of the fountain.

Items covered by Fountain guaranty

The guarantee of the structure means the guarantee and commitment to the correct operation and not doing any damage to the fountain structure, which includes the following:

  • Any disintegration of the structure in every part
  • Breakage is caused by natural causes such as coldness and heat or freezing (freezing of pond water in cold seasons, if the water is not emptied, leads to the pond breakage, which is not covered by the guarantee in this case.)
  • Any water leakage from different parts

Items not covered by Fountain Guaranty

The following items are not included in the warranty:

  • All electrical appliances including lamps – remote control – pump, etc.

VazinStone Fountains

You can buy prefabricated, homes, modern, gardens, restaurants and lobbies, and small and large fountains in all types of styles from production to consumption and without any intermediaries.

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