Arshia Stone Fountain

Arshiya fountain is very popular and practical, which is a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor spaces such as terraces, roof gardens, yards, gardens, lobbies, and the entrance of buildings. The design of this fountain is similar to the Arsh fountain, but there are some differences between them in the design of the bowls. The white light’s reflection on the pebbles in the fountain doubled its beauty.

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Arshia stone fountain, like a Forouzan fountain, consists of 4 pillars, with small to large height. Unlike the Forouzan fountain, a stone bowl is placed on each of the pillars of this fountain, and water is poured on the body of the columns from these stone bowls. The white stones inside the bowls and the pond along with the lighting have created a very beautiful effect of this fountain. Keep in mind that the lighting and water flow in this product can be adjusted with the remote control.

Features Of Arshia Stone Fountain

The square-shaped pool of this fountain is quite similar to the general structure of the pillars. The material of this fountain is cream travertine stone with a glossy surface and the height of its tall pillar is 80 cm. Also, the pool of this fountain has dimensions of 80 by 80.

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opacity Color


height Height

80 cm

square_foot Pool Dimension


view_carousel Stone Family


style Style

modern, simple

Fountain Placement

Center, Corner

2 reviews for Arshia Stone Fountain
  1. Janet

    Are the bowls rotatable?

    • سنگ وزین

      based on your order yes.

  2. sarah

    Very modern and stylish

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