Arvin Stone Fountain

Arvin Fountain is a tiered fountain that is made of one-piece stones and its surface is designed by a stone artist uniquely. And as a classic appearance, it can be used in the exterior of buildings, gardens, and stylish restaurants.

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Arvin Stone Fountain has a classic-fantasy style that is very similar to the Aria stone fountain. This tiered fountain consists of a central column and three small to large ponds are placed around the column from top to bottom respectively.

The water of the fountain after being pumped to the top of the column flows into the first pond under pressure, and when it is filled, it overflows into the second pond, which is the central pond of the fountain. Then it overflows to the end pond.

depending on the space around, this prefabricated fountain is placed in a round pond and the overflowing water eventually falls into this part. A smaller version that is similar to the Arvin fountain (with two ponds and without an above-ground pond) is also available for smaller spaces that are called Aria2.

The engravings on the Arvin stone fountain are painstakingly carved by the hands of the stone artist to show the elegance of art on the hard stone. Filling ponds of this fountain with river stones in white and black colors increases its attractiveness and makes the sound of water soothing.

This tiered fountain which is an ancient Persian fountain can be used in the exterior of residential and commercial complexes, hotels, stylish restaurants, and gardens.

Specifications of Arvin Stone Fountain

  • The diameter of the pool on the ground in standard size will be 3 meters. The diameter of the largest pond is 1.2 meters and the upper ponds have a smaller size. As the water overflows in 4 steps, the soothing sound of the water is created which is amazing.
  •  Arvin stone fountains, Unlike other fountains in Vazin stone, need plumbing, and the cost of plumbing is calculated separately.
  • In this model of fountains, remote control, and lighting can be ordered separately.
  • Arvin stone fountain can be used indoors and outdoors, and it is one of the best choices for use as a garden fountain or yard fountain in classic places. This fountain is made of travertine stone as well.
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