Dorna Aquarium Fountain

The Dorna fountain is suitable for decoration and used as an aquarium for fish. It has a soothing sound of water as well. This fountain, known as the Dorna fountain, is one of the most famous fountains among customers. We recommend buying Dorna aquarium fountains for restaurants, hotels, and houses with terraces or patios.

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Dorna Aquarium Fountain, as the name implies, is similar to the Dorna fountain. The Pond is made of glass instead of stone. So it can be used as an aquarium in addition to the fountain. In this model, you can use plants and aquarium fish and decorate them with white river stones on the bottom of the aquarium, which will double its beauty. Dorna prefabricated fountain is suitable for gardens, villas, restaurants, etc.

Specifications and usage of the Dorna aquarium fountain

  • The dimensions of the pool are 80*80 cm, and its height is 60 cm.
  • This product is made of cream travertine stone.
  • Lighting and water flow can be adjusted through the remote control.
  • Dorna aquarium fountain can be used indoors and outdoors, such as at home, lobby, workplace, restaurant, hotel, etc.
  • This fountain, like other types, can be customized in dimensions and components.
  • This fountain is an excellent option at home.

All stone fountains have a junction box that is built into the pond. Also, they have a cap made of the same type as the fountain’s stone. Therefore, other things like wires are not visible on the surface. Moreover, two-centimeter stands placed under the fountain have been used to facilitate water draining in the pond for cleaning and moving.

Uses of Dorna glass fountain

This special and stylish fountain, made of glass and stone, can preferably be used in the interior of the buildings. Dorna fountain is suitable for the following uses:

  • Suitable for home use on the terrace, balcony, backyard, patio
  • Small fountain for the lobby in residential and commercial buildings
  • Greenhouse fountain

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1 review for Dorna Aquarium Fountain
  1. taylor

    Can it be ordered with a darker stone?

    • مدیر

      yes it can be customized in a different stone.

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