Rahil Fountain

It’s a popular and beautiful fountain with traditional style, consisting of two jugs, a column, and a central bowl, with an almost loud water sound, along with remote control for water flow and lighting, and without the need for piping and demolition.

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Rahil Fountain consists of two jugs symmetrically and at a 90-degree angle from the stationary state and placed towards each other. The water flows from both jugs into the medium bowl. This stone fountain attracts the attention of every viewer and passerby with its beautiful lighting. Rahil fountain is one of the fountains with loud water, which is a suitable option to be placed in the lobby, restaurant, garden, etc. This prefabricated fountain can be made of other natural stones with various colors.

Feature Of Rahil Fountain

  • The height of the Rahil fountain is 100 cm, and its basin is 80*140 cm.
  • Water flow and lighting control by remote control
  • Suitable for the exterior of the building and lobbies
  • Using river stone and artificial grass in the pond for more beauty
  • No need for plumbing 
  • From the category of loud water fountains
  • Hidden Junction Box
fountain junction box

Due to the importance of the appearance and beauty of the fountains from all viewing angles, other things like wires are placed in a junction box that is built into the pond. Also, they have a cap made of the same type as the fountain’s stone. Moreover, two-centimeter stands placed under the fountain have been used to facilitate water draining in the pond for cleaning and moving.

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1 review for Rahil Fountain
  1. carol

    do you install the fountain yourselves?

    • مدیر

      Yes we do, after ordering, you can also request an installer to install the fountain.

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