Giti stone fountain

The giti stone fountain with its striking and modern design, along with the soothing and gentle sound of water, is made of Lashotor marble stone. To make this fountain beautiful, you can use white and black pebbles, as well as lighting, which makes it more attractive. It can be customized to your desired dimensions and stone.

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The Giti stone fountain is made of Lashtar marble and its color is dark gray. This fountain is in the form of a spherical semicircle and the presence of very fine white streaks has turned this fountain into a very modern and attractive structure. The water in this fountain flows into the spherical bowl through the fountain installed in its center. In addition to creating a beautiful view, this waterfall creates a pleasant environment with the soothing sound of rushing water.

Giti stone fountain is one of the heavy stone experimental fountains. This default fountain can be implemented up to 90% accurately according to the desired photo and dimensions, in your garden, villa, and living room area. The remarkable thing about these new fountains is the discount percentage that will be considered for the first order. If this new fountain is running for the first time, about a 25% discount is included.

Features and specifications of the Giti stone fountain

  • The opening diameter of this prefabricated fountain is 60 cm and its height is 30 cm.
  • It is made of Lashtar marble and has high resistance and durability.
  • Based on your taste and order, it can be implemented in any size.
  • It can be installed quickly in different places.
  • Its attractiveness can be doubled by using lighting and beautifying the fountain with pebbles.
  • The remote control of this ready-made fountain enables remote control of water flow and lighting.
  • It should be noted that all “idea fountains” with heavy stone can be implemented with Abbas Abad travertine, cream travertine, wood design marble, Lashtar stone, and black Dehbid.
fountain junction box

All stone fountains have a junction box that is built into the pond. Also, they have a cap made of the same type as the fountain’s stone. Therefore, other things like wires are not visible on the surface. Moreover, two-centimeter stands placed under the fountain have been used to facilitate water draining in the pond for cleaning and moving.

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