Aria Stone Fountain

This multi-story fountain consists of a column and three ponds of small to large sizes. Aria fountain is made of travertine stone and has a classic fantasy style, which is a special option for use in the outdoor space of complexes, hotels, gardens, etc. Also, you can use pebbles in the fountain to increase the sound of the water due to its relaxing effect.

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Aria Stone Fountain is a fountain with a classic style and a bit of fantasy. This fountain consists of a central pillar around which three ponds are arranged in order from small to large from top to bottom.
The water flow in this fountain, after being pumped to the top of the pillar, flows to the first basin with a little pressure, which overflows when it fills to the second basin, which is the central basin of the water feature. Then from this part, the waterfall overflows to its end pool. Depending on the surrounding space, this fountain is placed in a round pond where the overflowing water flows into the end pond.
A smaller version of this waterfall with (two ponds) without a ground pond called Aria 2 is also available for smaller spaces. The carvings on the stones of pools and the body of this fountain were carved with great difficulty by the hands of the stone artists to express the beauty and elegance of the art on this hard stone. Aria Stone Fountain is in ancient Iranian style which can be used in the exterior of residential and commercial complexes, hotels, stylish restaurants, and gardens.

Some specifications of Aria Stone Fountain  

In the standard case, the diameter of the pond on the ground will be 3 meters. The diameter of the large pond is 1.5 meters. The upper ponds are much smaller. Due to the overflow of water in 4 stages in this waterfall, the overflowing is produced a pleasant sound, which will give peace to those around.
The lighting of this product has doubled the beauty of the facade, which can be adjusted through the remote control.

This fountain is used indoors and outdoors and is very suitable for classic style places. This fountain is made of travertine stone.

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  1. charo

    Can the dimensions of the pond be changed?

    • سنگ وزین

      yes it is customizable.

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