Parham Stone Fountain

Parham fountain is a new and modern fountain that has an inscription. This fountain can be placed next to the wall. Although the sound of the water is loud, it’s very soothing. The stone material of this product is marble, which can be supplied in different sizes, colors, and other types of stone.

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Last price update at: December 2, 2022
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Parham Stone Fountain is a new and modern type of stone fountain in which water flows in the curtain form. This beautiful fountain is dark-black, which consists of a rectangular inscription and a pool.

The flow of water is through a curtain opening located in the upper half of the fountain, which flows into the lower pool and in addition to creating a very beautiful visual effect of water, produces a pleasant and natural sound of the water.

Specifications of Parham Stone Fountain

The width of the body of the fountain is 60 cm and its total height is 170 cm, and it has a 40*60 cm pool. this fountain is made of marble stone, which according to the order can be offered in different dimensions, colors, and stone.


All about fountain
opacity Color

black, dark gray

color_lens Color Palette
height Height

170 cm

square_foot Pool Dimension


style Style


check_box_outline_blank Surface Finish


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  1. liberace

    Its design is very simple and nice

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