Arion Stone Fountain

The Arion stone fountain has a modern and sophisticated design. This fountain is crafted from marble stone, but it can also be built with travertine and crystal marble. This fountain doesn’t require either plumbing or demolition. Its water flow and lighting can be adjusted by remote control. It can be built in the desired size.

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The Arion stone fountain is comprised of a stone bowl and a circular pond, which are placed on the main column. This stone fountain is crafted from black marble with white streaks. The fountain’s stone bowl is filled with water, which is pumped out and overflows into the circular pond, making a soothing sound as it flows. The Arion stone fountain can also be built with travertine and crystal marble stones. It has a modern design and can be used in outdoor and indoor spaces like the building lobby, roof garden, and patio.

One of the Vazinstone experimental fountains is the Arion stone fountain. With up to 90% accuracy, this prefabricated fountain can be installed in the location of your choice according to the dimensions and photo provided. One noteworthy feature of these modern fountains is the percentage of the discount that will given to the initial order.

Specifications & Features Of Arion Stone Fountain

  • Arion stone fountain is produced and supplied with a diameter of 60 cm and a height of 90 cm.
  • It is comprised of a stone bowl, a circular pond, and a main column.
  • This fountain’s water pumping and lighting are adjusted by remote control.
  • This fountain is portable and requires neither plumbing nor demolition.
  • For optimal display, you can use white or black pebble stones in its pond.
  • It will be feasible to modify the fountain`s size and stone at your request.

Application Of Arion Stone Fountain

The modern Arion home fountain is ideal for the following uses and is utilized in small indoor and outdoor areas:

  • Yard fountains for houses and complexes for landscaping
  • Terrace fountains, balconies, backyards, patios
  • The small lobby fountain of the complexes
  • Villa fountain or garden fountain
  • Roof garden fountain of residential-office and commercial complexes with limited space
  • Greenhouse fountain

Various Natural Colors In Arion Stone Fountain

The following stones, in various colors, can be used to build the Arion stone fountain, based on the user’s preferences and available space:

  • Travertine stone in cream tones with streaks and streakless
  • Azna crystal marble stone with white color and light gray streaks
  • Black Dehbid marble (like the product photo)
  • Dark gray stone with light gray streaks

Maintenance & Cleaning Conditions Of Arion Fountain

  • Use water without salts to increase the longevity of its equipment (pump, lights, and wiring)
  • Copper (II) sulfate can be used to stop the growth of algae.
  • Weekly or at most monthly water changes and pond cleaning are suggested.
  • Use only soft brushes or soft cloths to clean it, and avoid using any chemicals.
  • To increase the longevity of electrical appliances unplug the stone fountain from the power outlet if you won’t be using it for a long period.
  • On rainy days, make sure the water drain cap is open to keep the pond from filling up.
  • The fountain should be completely drained and covered with tarpaulin material during the winter, especially in open areas in chilly climates.
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