Shahyadi Super Marble

A light bone white stone with fading, wavy, and not so-distinct lines. This shiny polished stone is a suitable option as the flooring stone in the form of tiles for the internal walls of the building and staircase in 40 longitudinal dimensions.

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Last price update at: November 30, 2022
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Shahyadi Super Marble has a background color of creamy color like Dehbid Shayan Marble. This Stone has fewer streaks and brighter colors. This stone is more than 70 years old and is one of the oldest building stones that has been used in many construction projects. There are many uses for this stone due to its clear and simple design. For example, it is used as an interior facade stone stair stone, cornice, elevator frame, lobby floor stone, hall, and reception, etc. The combination of this stone with dark stones gives a very beautiful and glorious effect to the building.

Features of Shahyadi Super Marble

  • Shahyadi Super Marble is cut and produced in 40 *40, 60 * 60, and 40 longitudinal dimensions.
  • This stone has high water absorption, so it is not suitable for humid or exposed to moisture environment.
  • The advantages of this stone are light and uniform color, high compressive and abrasion resistance, sanding, and reasonable price.
  • The price of Shahyadi super marble depends on various factors such as quality and type of processing, dimensions, type of sort, and color. Bright and uniform color has a direct effect on determining the price of this product.


  • check High abrasion resistance
  • check High compressive strength
  • check Proper subs
  • check Bright and uniform color

Weak points

  • close High water absorption
All about Marble stone
opacity Color

oyster White, white

color_lens Color Palette
done_outline Usage

columns, flooring, stairs, wall

square_foot Size

40*40, 40*unlimit, 60*60

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  1. William

    Do you have any limit on the volume of orders to European countries?

    • مدیر

      hi. no, there isn’t any limit. we can send you how much you order.

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