Anousha Stone Fountain

This fountain is in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid and has a modern and charming design. Its water flow makes a loud and enjoyable sound. Additionally, this fountain has a remote control that can be used to turn on and off the lighting and water flow. It can be built with a big basin on the ground and is appropriate for outdoors.

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Travertine stone is used to produce the Anousha stone fountain, which has three isosceles trapezoid basins, and a base on the ground. This base can be inserted, according to your order, into a bigger basin that is square or circular. In this pre-made fountain, the water flows into the first basin and then the second basin through a sphere. In the model without a large basin on the ground, this water returns to the sphere from the last basin. This water flow makes an enjoyable and almost loud sound that energizes and soothes the area around you. This stone fountain is similar to the Anoush stone fountain, which is why they have a similar name.

Features Of Anousha Stone Fountain

  • The Anousha stone fountain has sizes of 60*60 cm and a height of 110 cm.
  • If you order a basin on the ground, it will typically be 120*120 cm in size, and its price will be estimated separately.
  • Using a remote control, you can adjust the fountain`s lighting and water pumping as well as switch them on and off.
  • This home fountain is a good option for outside spaces including gardens, roof gardens, courtyards, terraces, etc.
  • The example without the large basin can be moved and doesn`t require plumping, demolition, or masonry work, but the example with the large basin on the ground does.
  • You can put white or colored pebbles inside the basin of the fountain to enhance its beauty.
  • It should be mentioned that each of the dimensions, stone type, and height can be altered at your request.

Use Of Anousha Multi-trier Fountain

The stunning, chic, and classic Anousha Stone Fountain can be placed outside a building and is appropriate for the following uses.

  • Yard fountain for houses, buildings, and complexes to beautify the area.
  • Terrace fountains, balconies, backyards, and large patios.
  • Villa fountain or garden fountain.
  • Lobby fountain for residential-office and commercial complexes with the right space.
  • Roof garden fountain of residential buildings.
  • Greenhouse fountain.
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