Laybid Crystal Marble stone

This stone is one of the few dark crystal stones or crystal marble stones. It has high polishability in different processes and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces in the floor-wall and stair use, preferably as a supplement because of the dark color.

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Laybid stone is one of the most popular crystal marble or crystal stones that are widely used in the construction industry. This stone a has gray background and and white and smoky lines and halos. This stone is found in two types: Laybid white crystal marble stone and Laybid smoky crystal marble stone. The only difference between these two types is their background color.

Features of Laybid crystal marble stone

  • This stone has great polishability because of its High density And this feature has caused its high transparency and gloss.
  • High strength and resistance in various weather conditions, as well as low water absorption, are other positive features of this crystal marble stone.

Since this stone has a very high resistance, it can be processed in the form of tiles, slabs, book-match, and four-match.

Uses of Laybid crystal marble stone

This stone will be available in sizes of 40*40 cm and tile forms.

  • Interior and exterior stone wall.
  • Paving of the yard, parking in the form of ax, bush-hammer, and hond processing.
  • Luxurious bathrooms and restrooms
  • Indoor floor stone (hall, reception, lobby, kitchen, etc.)
  • Stair stone, staircases, and Landing.

Due to its beautiful design and color, Laybid crystal marble stone has many uses in the form of book-match and four-match slabs and creates a special effect.

The quarry of Laybid crystal marble stone

The Laybid crystal marble stone quarry is located in the Laybid area of ​​Zarkan village in Isfahan province.


  • Low water absorption
  • High density
  • High polishability and gloss
  • Very high resistance and strength

Weak points

  • Unsuitable for exterior facade due to low porosity and smooth surface behind the stone
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