Tips For Using Crystal Marble In The Outdoors

Using Crystal Marble

Because of its bright color, elegant patterns, and relatively strong resistance, crystal marble stones have gained popularity recently for usage as wall stones, facade stones, and stair stones on exterior buildings.

Crystal marble is a metamorphic marble stone that has the same features as marble. However, crystal marble stones generally have great tolerance to external conditions like sunlight and acid rain. But this is insufficient; to get the most out of using crystal marble stones outside, use all of the following advice.

1/ Type Of Stone

When selecting the best stone among the most popular crystal marble stones, the following factors can be taken into consideration: bending and erosion resistance and water and oil absorption. We can mention stones such as: 1) Sirjan; 2) Qorve; 3) Neyriz; 4) Aligoudarz; 5) Azna.

Thus, pay attention to the type of stone that is used. This division is purely for informational purposes. The color and pattern of stone have a vital impact on selection in the vast majority of times. We can name the stones in order of popularity and beauty: 1) Azna, 2) Aligoudarz, 3) Neyriz, 4) Sirjan, and 5) Qorve.

As a result, choosing high-quality stones without streaks is crucial to maintaining their lifespan after being used outdoors. For instance, if stones with a lot of streaks and low epoxy are used, they will crack in cold weather.

crystal marble stone collection

2/ How To Stick Crystal Marble On The Wall & Facade

There are two methods for installing the stones on the wall or facade: using mortar or scoop. When it comes to using crystal marble stone, we use the “dry facade” method. If you want to install this stone using mortar, be mindful that the stone’s back needs to be covered in epoxy mesh. You need also to use specialized mortar that contains compounds to increase the stone’s adherence. Furthermore, To prevent mortar water from penetrating grooved spots when bonding with stone grooves and wire, stone glue needs to be used for them. Otherwise, it will eventually cause the stone to split and become yellow.

Azna crystal marble on the facade of the building

3/ Tips For Using Crystal Marble On The Floor

Only the Qorve crystal marble stone has excellent resistance to outdoor conditions among those that are appropriate for outdoor floors. Avoid using other crystal marble stones wherever possible.

4/ Tips For Using Crystal Marble On The Stairs

For stairs, three-centimeter-thick crystal marble stones are regarded as the norm. When using crystal marble stones on stairs, the only thing to remember is to be especially mindful of low friction and slippery situations during rainy and snowy times.

using crystal marble on the entrance of the building

Publish on: June 9, 2024
Updated on: June 9, 2024
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