Onyx Stone

Onyx Stone Slab or Onyx Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of limestone metamorphism, and its main mineral is the most stable form of calcium carbonate. This mineral has large and distinct crystals, and Its most prominent feature is the passage of light through it due to its high purity and transparency (unlike marble).

For this reason, the price of this stone is higher than other stones, and they also have a very high beauty, shine, and transparency.

The name “onyx” is derived from the Greek “ὄνυξ” meaning “claw” or “nail, so-called because the mineral’s color sometimes resembles that of a human fingernail, pink with white streaks.

In ancient Egypt, onyx was top-rated because of its transparency. For example, onyx was made for small perfume and healing oils bottles (called Alabaster) and sacred Greek sculptures.

Onyx Marble Application

Onyx Marble is one of the best and most expensive buildings and decorative stones globally, which is available in various natural colors and designs in the mines of Iran. This stone is generally used as wall cladding and floor cladding and also stairs at the interior of the building. This stone can also be used in order to make stone sculptures, fountains, etc. In Iran, the Onyx slab has been used severally in the tombs of famous Imams.

Also, placing Onyx slabs in symmetry with each other in the form of a book-matched and four-match will make this natural product much more beautiful. Onyx can be used in the walls of houses, lobbies, hotels, halls, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Due to its unique beauty and high quality, Onyx Stone is generally cut into large one-piece slabs. Most of that is exported to other countries.

onyx cristals

Orang Onyx

orange onyx is one of the most beautiful and unique stones in the world. its fantastic appearance with the ability of light cross from its contexture made this stone amazing and kind of like luxury material. the usage of this onyx type as book-matched as wall cladding make it more and more beautiful and will make everyone to be stared at it. it can be used as wall cladding in luxury halls, lobby, counter in hotels and bars and etc.

Fire Onyx

fire onyx is also one of the beautiful and unique stones in the world with yellow and grey colors. its fantastic appearance with the ability of light cross from its contexture made this stone amazing. it can be used as wall cladding in luxury halls, lobby, restaurants, etc. the other usages of this onyx type are likely to be as counters in hotels and bars, the frame of the entrance of elevators, tv rooms and etc.

Onyx as artifacts

As told before, onyx also is used in order to make products like sculptures, fountains, washstands, flower-pot and stuff like that. in the bottom gallery, you can see some of them.

onyx stone for tombstone

one of the common usages of onyx stone is for tombstones, because of its beautiful appearance and its unique color. onyx also has a very well-known and good resistance against different and hard weather conditions at outdoor usage. the available color of onyx as you are seeing on this page are white – crema – green – blue – pink – red and so on.

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In the gallery below, you can see the types of Onyx slabs of domestic mines in Iran, including Kerman, Azerbaijan, etc. Order if you wish.

These Onyx slabs are export slabs cut and processed with very high quality. You can see and enjoy these slabs’ unique designs and colors in the gallery.

Other Onyx

In the gallery below, you can see some, not Iranian Onyx Marble. These stones are offered in low volume and higher prices than domestic marble stones imported. Also, as you can see in the gallery, its designs are different from interior Onyx.

Onyx Care And Maintenance

Remember that marble has more pores than granite, so more care and maintenance are needed. Because these stones are calcium-based, which means they have a softer surface and react with acidic detergents. Also, onyx is a porous natural stone; therefore, it will quickly absorb liquids. Onyx stones should be sealed twice a year.
So to clean onyx stones, you should look for products with a neutral pH level. Be careful not to use detergent directly on the onyx marble

the price influencing factors

there are some factors that are related to the price of the onyx stone. some of them are listed below:

color and texture

onyx stone is the most unique and beautiful building stone. according to this fact, the more unique texture the more price it would be. it depends on the appearance of the stone. and when it is supposed to have a book-matched design, the veins and texture would play a more important role.

the processing of onyx

the more quality of the process, the more expensive. like the precise cutting, the quality of polish on surfaces, having or not having the backside net and etc.

the size of onyx

the more width and height of one piece, the more expensive it is. so naturally the slab sizes of onyx stones own the more price

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