12 Stylish & Modern Fountain Ideas

12 Stylish & Modern Fountain Ideas

One of the products produced by the decorative and building stone is prefab stone fountains. Vazinstone began this journey to innovate through needs analysis, idea presentation and execution, and product quality improvement.

You can view 12 modern prefab fountain ideas below. Additionally, Vazinstone is prepared to produce customized and desired modern stone fountains because it has skilled masons, designers, and innovators.

Modern Fountain Ideas

1/ Suspended Cubic Stone Fountain

The black color and cubic design of the suspended cubic stone fountain give the structure a modern and elegant look. A soothing sound is created by the water flowing equally out of the cube’s four sides.

2/ Siamak Stone Fountain

Inspired by the enormous fountain in the middle of Tehran’s Modarres highway, the Siamak stone fountain features the same style. This fountain boasts a modern appearance due to the black marble stone and its simple yet stylish design. This modern fountain’s water flow pours through spillways. Its volume can be adjusted, and will be a very suitable option for indoors and in homes.

3/ Lira Stone Fountain

The Lira stone fountain is made up of two different-sized hollow rectangles. This stone fountain is built of crystal marble stone which has white and gray lines. The water is pumped into the large rectangle, then it passes through an outfall into the small rectangle before being released by the rain effect spillways.

Lira stone fountain

4/ Sahand Stone Fountain

The Sahand stone fountain is produced from cream and black marble stones. This stone fountain features a modern and unique look due to its shattered shapes and geometric design. This modern fountain‘s lighting creates a unique and gorgeous nighttime view for it.

5/ Dorrin Fountain

The Dorrin stone fountain is one of the modern stone fountains. This modern fountain is produced from granite stone. It is made up of one square pond and one stone sphere. Due to the sphere’s internal bowl-shaped design, water accumulates inside it before spilling into the pond.

dorrin fountain

6/ Pandora Stone Fountain

The Pandora stone fountain is made of marble stone. This fountain is designed like an upside-down prism set on a stone cuboid. This modern fountain boasts a stunning look due to the marble’s white streaks on the dark theme.

7/ Infinity Stone Fountain

The Infinity Stone Fountain‘s design was inspired by Dubai’s popular Kayan tower. It is made up of a stone sphere that is put on a spiral column. This stone fountain is made of marble stone. The hole drilled on the top of the sphere is where the water flows downward.

Infinity stone fountain

8/ Metis Stone Fountain

The two curving cylinders and the dark marble stone give the Metis stone fountain a modern style.This modern fountain makes a medium sound of rushing water as the water flows from the back cylinder into the front cylinder.

9/ Masoud Stone Fountain

The Masoud stone fountain is crafted from crystal marble stone. This stone fountain is comprised of a column placed in the middle of the pond. In this modern stone home fountain water flows from the top of the column, pouring into the pond after passing through the surface grooves to make a soothing sound of running water.

10/ Sana Curtain Fountain

The Sana curtain fountain is one of the big wall fountains. This fountain is comprised of three parts: (inscription – 3 spillways – pond). Stacked stones and pebble stones with granite stone are used to design its inscription. The relatively loud and soothing sound of rushing water is created in the surrounding area by the water flowing over the spillways and pouring into the pond.

11/ Kia Stone Fountain

The Kia stone fountain is one of the curtain fountains. This wall fountain features a chic and modern appearance because it is crafted from marble stone with a gray theme and white veins. Its lighting enhances the beauty of this modern fountain.

12/ Celine Stone Fountain

The Celine stone fountain is made of three different-sized cubes that are set on top of one another. This modern fountain is produced from black marble stone with fading white veins. The fountain’s center cube is utilized as a flower pot box. This stone fountain can be utilized in both outdoor and indoor spaces and as a home fountain in different parts of the house.

Celine stone fountain
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Publish on: May 28, 2024
Updated on: May 28, 2024
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