Wavy Brown Stacked Stone

Wavy brown stacked stone is also known as walnut stacked stone because its color and design are similar to a walnut shell. It has high resistance in various weather conditions and can be used in all parts of a building because of its dark color. It is necessary to use resin on its surface to make it glossy and easier maintenance.

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Wavy Brown Stacked Stone is an example of stacked stone with a beautiful brown background with white and dark brown veins and is also known as walnut antique because it resembles walnut skin. Due to its dark and particular color, this stone can be used in different parts with darker or lighter stones, depending on your taste.

Features Of Wavy Brown Stacked Stone

  • High resistance in different weather conditions
  • Ability to use and execute in all parts of a building
  • Has proper abrasion and compressive strength
  • Long life and high strength
  • Beautiful design and color

It should be noted that all stacked stones are without resin and polish by default, and you can use resin for more shine and beauty after installation.

As mentioned, stacked (antique) stones are generally resin-free, but it is better to use resin processing on these products because it will be easier to maintain and clean.

Application Of Wavy Brown Stacked Stone

  • Used in the exterior of the building as a facade stone in combination with other materials, including Thermowood and natural stone
  • Interior walls of parking, stairs, and courtyard
  • Decorative wall of the TV room and fireplace
  • Decorative wall of the reception hall
  • The decorative wall between the cabinet and the kitchen
  • Staircase and bedroom wall cladding
  • Internal and external columns of the building
  • Elevator frame, doors, and windows
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