Investigation Of Scientific And Technical Factors Of Dehbid Marble

In the following tables, which have been presented in specialized laboratories of the University of Tehran at the request of weight stone for technical and scientific study of the structure of Dehbid marble (known as Crema Marfil Marble), you can see all the technical and structural factors of Dehbid Shayan marble.
This research has been done at the request of one of the customers to advance the principles and the correct choice of materials.

Among the items studied in the following tables, including physical characteristics, elements in the rock, tensile-abrasion, and flexural strength at different temperatures, water absorption, porosity, and density have been studied.

Shayan Marble Physical Characteristics

Test itemsTest methodsTest results
Petrographic descriptionEN 12407:2007Sedimentary (Marble) Fractured.
Apparent densityEN 1936:20062700 kg/m³
Open porosityEN 1936:20060.41%
Water absorptionEN 1295:20080.15%

Determination of Frost Resistance
Summary of test results
(Average value)

Flexural strength in natural conditionEN 12372: 20067.67 MPa
Flexural strength after 120 cycles freeze/thawEN 12371:2010
EN 12372:2006
6.27 MPa18.25
Compressive strength in natural conditionEN 1926:200663.92 MPa
Compressive strength after 120 cycles freeze/thawEN 12371:2010
EN 1926:2006
43.78 MPa31.37
Static modulus before testingEN 1414619.20 GPa
Static modulus after 120 cycles freeze/thawEN 1414618 GPa6.25
Dynamic Modulus before testingEN 1458045.44 GPa
Dynamic Modulus after 120 cycles freeze/thawEN 1458041.87 GPa7.85

Shayan Marble Chemical Characteristics

SiO20.57 %LoI43.46 %
Al2O30.04 %SO30.026 %
Fe2O30.41 %Cl67 ppm
CaO54.49 %Ba173 ppm
Na2O0.12 %Sr221 ppm
K2O0.11 %Cu14 ppm
MgO0.43 %Zn15 ppm
TiO20.006 %Pb40 ppm
MnO0.001 %Ni28 ppm
P2O50.085 %Cr2 ppm

Publish on: October 26, 2020
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