Mahkam Marble Stone

Mahkam Marble Stone is a brownstone with beautiful golden lines, a suitable option for all of the external faces of a building. In addition, it has been used as the flooring stone of the staircase or the internal walls of the building. The positive features of this product are high abrasion resistance and low water absorption.

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Mahkam Marble Stone is available in dark brown, light brown, and color gray. Mahkam marble should be used in the interiors of residential and commercial buildings. This stone has relatively high abrasion resistance and low water absorption. This stone has a shiny surface finish and transparent surface and its surface is completely polished. The mine of this stone is located in the Jandagh region near Isfahan province.

Features of Mahkam marble

Due to the relatively dark color of this stone, its use in lobbies and corridors can be a very good complement to light stones. Also, its use as the main stone will create a stylish and luxurious look. The features of this stone are its color and beautiful design. It is very easy to clean and should not use acidic detergents. Keeping this stone as a wall stone practically does not require any special action. In case of using this stone on the floor, after observing scratches or dullness, you should use a sub-machine.

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  • Relatively low water absorption
  • Relatively high abrasion resistance
  • Good polishing
  • low color range and uniform surface
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