Majestic Rose Marble

This a great option for those who want to have a distinctive choice. A special choice is slab walls in the lobby, etc. shiny surfaces with a Brown And Crimson color combination. Very distinct and unique role in the form of thick white lines.

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Majestic Rose Marble is a unique stone with a Carmine color theme and white streaks. These streaks are due to calcite minerals, and other textures of the stone are composed of quartz, silica, and iron oxide. This stone is entirely natural and produced in leather finish and polished surface. The variety of colors in Majestic Rose Marble brings a special effect.

Features of Majestic Rose Marble

Majestic Rose Marble has a high surface finish and low water absorption. Also, high strength and compressive strength are other features of this beautiful stone. This stone has a high density and low porosity.

Majestic Rose Marble

Application of Majestic Rose Marble

Majestic Rose Marble is available in 40 cm width, slab size, tiles, and desired dimensions. Majestic Rose Marble can be used as a floor stone and wall in the hotel lobby, hall, luxury buildings, and the floor and frame around the elevator. Also, Majestic Rose Marble is used as a slab in book-match and four-match designs on the walls and floors of luxurious buildings due to its natural and distinct streaks.

Price of Majestic Rose Marble

The price of this stone depends on the following:

  • Type of mine in terms of quality and color
  • Thickness and dimensions of the stone
  • Quality of stone processing in terms of sawing and cutting
  • Requested area
  • City of the place of order

Majestic Rose Marble Stone Slab

majestic rose marble stone slab


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