Arad Fountain

Arad fountain is one of the classic and simple fountains, which is a great option for any place such as lobbies, courtyards, restaurants, balconies, etc. Another positive feature of this product is adjusting lighting and water pumping through remote control. Having a loud sound due to water falling from the 4 sides of its column – Can be ordered in different sizes and other types of stones.

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The Arad Fountain, as shown in the picture, is a rectangular vase with four taps on its body that act as a water outlet. This prefabricated fountain is a smart choice for classic and simple spaces. It can be in the center of the patio – lobby – courtyard – balcony – restaurant indoors and outdoors. The stone used in Arad Fountain is travertine. Also, the lighting of this product has given it a special and attractive vision. The pool of this stone fountain can be ordered in your desired dimensions at your request. The price of the pond is calculated separately due to bituminous waterproofing, plumbing, electrical work, masonry, and porcelain wall.

Specifications Of Arad Fountain

  • The upper dimensions of the column are 40 by 40 cm and the lower dimensions are 30 by 30 cm and the height of the middle column is 100 cm.
  • Other features of this fountain are lighting and water flow that can be controlled and turned on and off by adjusting the remote control .
  • Due to the overflow of water from 4 sides, this waterfall is in the category of waterfalls with relatively high water volume.
  • At your request, this product can be made in other sizes, dimensions and materials.

Due to the importance of the appearance and beauty of the fountains from all viewing angles, other things like wires are placed in a junction box that is built into the pond. Also, they have a cap made of the same type as the fountain’s stone. Moreover, two-centimeter stands placed under the fountain have been used to facilitate water draining in the pond for cleaning and moving.

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